Preview: The 2017 Civic Sport Hatch is a Proud Continuation of Fast Civics

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Yesterday’s Civic Si is a perfect match for today’s Civic Sport. 8th gen civic si K20 vs. 10th gen genx 2017 civic sport turbo review

It has been the opinion of many journalists and Honda enthusiasts alike that the last generation Civic just didn’t have the character that has been so vibrant throughout previous generation Civics–especially those wearing specialty badges, like the Si. To remedy this, Honda went to work creating a new platform for the tenth that was both new and, hopefully, exciting. Part of the new recipe was offering a hatchback, something not found in the previous generation. This brings us to the 2017 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback (rocking a particularly attractive Sonic Gray color).

The Honda-Tech editors spent some time recently with the new 2017 Civic ┬áSport Hatch and have quite a few fun upcoming things planned–so stay tuned. But one of the biggest questions we wanted answered right off the bat was just how sporty the new Civic Sport really is. So what better thing to do than compare it side-by-side with a previous generation Civic Si? In this case, a 2010 Si owned by Honda-Tech editor Jake Stumph. 8th gen civic si K20 vs. 10th gen genx 2017 civic sport turbo review

After a day spent driving through canyon roads and on the drag strip, it is clear that the two cars are worthy of going toe-to-toe with one another. So stay with us on Honda-Tech as we release more on this comparison and provide our complete thoughts on Honda’s latest attempt to bring back some fun to the Civic name.


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