Henn Declares NSX Better than LaFerrari

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NSX- LaFerrari

Famed Car Collector and Racer Preston Henn Abandons Ferrari Lawsuit but Considers New Legal Action

When life gives you lemons, you go and buy an Acura NSX, apparently. Renown car collector Preston Henn, who was once famously denied access to LaFerrari Aperta ownership, has done just that.

Henn is a self-made millionaire whose wealth stems from his Florida-based swap meet empire. He is also a former racer with an extensive Ferrari collection. His spat with Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne started when Henn felt his image was stained by the company. The cause? A letter of denial rejecting him from open-top supercar ownership. Henn originally claimed the lack of a LaFerrari Aperta in his stable was a big hit to his reputation in the car community.


His initial action consisted of putting a team of lawyers together. They claimed the lawsuit justified $75,000 in damages. Henn’s lawyers stated in the suit: “The publication of the statement that Preston Henn is not qualified to purchase a LaFerrari Aperta is an untrue statement. [It] harms Henn’s reputation and holds him up to ridicule, disrespect and disrepute in his profession, trade, occupation, avocation and among his friends and business and social associates.”

That lawsuit has been dropped, however. But that doesn’t mean the legal mitigation is over. A new lawsuit is in play, but the details of it are not public yet.

“We’re going to sue but on a different thing, which I don’t know yet what it is,” Henn tells Road & Track.

Additionally, Henn has decided to give Ferrari’s image a black-eye, hailing the new NSX. In what could be the coldest shoulder Ferrari ever receives, Henn says of  his last Ferrari purchase: “I forgot what it’s called, it was a Spider, whatever it is, but it was $750,000. And this [NSX] is so much better at $200,000.”

It takes some bravery to go toe-to-toe with Ferrari, and he’s doing just that. On the bright side, his words stand as some of the highest praise the NSX has had to date.

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via: [Road & Track]

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