Police Call Out ‘Slow’ Honda Drivers in Hilarious Video

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When it’s closing time at a local mall, this cop uses the opportunity to call out Honda drivers with a sick burn.

No matter what brand of car you drive, you’re bound to face stigmas and stereotypes. Drive a Lamborghini? You’re probably some rich eccentric d-bag. Got a lifted four-wheel drive truck? You’re obviously compensating for something. Own a Mustang? Simply driving by a crowd means you’ll inevitably crash. For Honda drivers, it’s all about the myth that our cars are slow. And while we obviously have plenty of proof otherwise, we just can’t shake that stigma.

But if you’re like us and can still take a joke (not many people can these days), you’ll undoubtedly find this short clip hilarious. In it, we see a local law enforcement official cruising through a mall parking lot close to closing hours. But instead of the typical boring threats to boot the large crowd out of the lot when the establishment closes, this particular officer unleashes quite the roasting.


After informing the crowd that the mall closes at 10, the officer first uses an oldie but a goodie. “You don’t have to go home, but ya gotta get out of here.” But he then takes the opportunity to personally roast Honda owners in particular. “Especially if you drive a slow Honda.” Clearly, he’s more of a muscle car fan. “If you drive a V8, I’ll give you a two minute head start. The rest of you have gotta go.”

That’s the kind of burn that requires topical cream. But we certainly aren’t offended. In fact, it’s kind of refreshing to see a police officer with a sense of humor. Far too often, it feels like the law just doesn’t appreciate cars like we do. But if this guy is ever down for a race, we know a Honda or two that would be glad to challenge his perception!

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