Old Honda Prelude Makes the Perfect Alternative Daily Driver

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Why spend a fortune on some new, boring car when you can pick up an old Honda for pennies on the dollar?

Today’s new cars are more technologically advanced, faster, and inherently safer than ever. We truly live in a golden age of performance, reliability, and efficiency. There’s just one problem, of course. And that’s the fact that most modern cars are, well, boring. Electronic nannies and advanced traction control suck the life out of driving. And even worse, today’s cars are incredibly expensive to buy, often requiring ridiculously long-term loans or leases to bring payments down to a sub-mortgage level.

But there is a solution to all of these problems, of course. And it’s called old cars, particularly those from the glorious ’80s. As most of us already know, the joys of an older Honda cannot be matched by any modern machine. Simple, brilliantly engineered, and (sometimes) cheap, there’s really no reason all of us shouldn’t own at least one vintage Honda. The blokes at Car Throttle certainly agree, which is why they recently went out and picked up this somewhat worn 1989 Prelude for their next project.

1989 Honda Prelude

Despite its obvious quirks, our host couldn’t be more pleased with his purchase. “The interior of the Prelude is something that excites me dearly,” he admits. “All the dials, all the knobs are simple. Everything comes straight to hand. One thing I love more than anything is visibility. And the rear visibility is incredible as well.”

1989 Honda Prelude

Sure, it’s an automatic. But this old Honda has plenty of good things going for it otherwise. “Power is not the point with this alternative daily driver,” our host says. “The point is to have something that’s completely unique. Something that’s comfortable. Something that’s cool.” So plans call for a DIY respray, new brakes, and not much else. Because what else does an old Honda need to be cool?

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