Ninth Gen Civic Si Gets Wide and Goes Low

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Building a a bagged Si coupe isn’t easy, but this one proves that it’s worth the effort.

Civic coupes are some of our favorite builds. It’s easy to get a hatchback right, but a coupe? You have to get it just right. When you do, though, it’s good. Like this video we found from Yvette Moreno on his Automotive Anatomy YouTube channel.  Moreno has a way of finding some cool rides. This time he met Noel, a young guy who’s rocking a bagged ’15 Honda Civic Si Coupe with a nice complement of modifications.

Those fender flares hide a set of massive 18 x 10.5” wide wheels. These are SSR Agle Premiums (three-piece!) with a -12 offset. Noel points out, “No spacer! So that’s cool. No spacer in the rear either.” Nothing bugs us more than seeing a great build with wheels too far in, or too far out. Especially when they run spacers. The coupe is darn near flush, pointing to some actual planning on Noel’s part. If you’re wondering about those fender flares, yeah he had to cut.

2015 Honda Civic Si on Airlift air suspension

At first, we wondered why there wasn’t any time spent talking about the air setup. Nowadays Airlift Performance has made it so easy to install air, it’s basically like putting coilovers on your car. Obviously, with a few extra steps. But cutting, fabrication, etc? No permanent changes required.

2015 Honda Civic Si interior

Inside the Civic we’ll call the modifications controversial. It’s as heavily customized as the exterior. There are also stickers everywhere. “It’s like a [teenager’s] bedroom, but driving,” Moreno says. Though not everyone’s preference, the interior reflects Noel’s personal touch.

Overall, we like the build and the fact that it’s just a little bit different than a lot of the cars we see on IG. What would you do differently with a ‘15 Civic Si?

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