Modified FA5 Civic Si Schools FK8 Civic Type R Around Mexican Circuit

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FA5 Civic Si features FD2 Type R body conversion, and FK8 Civic Type R-beating performance.

When it comes to great Honda engines in recent history, few do it better than the K20. As this video from ProjectD MX shows, both the older school K20Z, with it’s 8,300 RPM redline or the new turbocharged K20C with it’s 306 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque are capable of serious fun on track. Presented in this video is a modified FA5 Civic Si, complete with FD2 Type R body conversion and said K20Z, chasing down a new FK8 Civic Type R around Autódromo Querétaro, in Querétaro, Mexico.

Despite being an open lapping day, the rubbing-is-racing levels of proximity, and racers going three wide has it feeling more like a wheel-to-wheel race day. That pretty much sets the scene as the driver of this FA5 Si-turned-Type-R-lite is dicing their way through everyone, trying to get some open track. Eventually, the driver catches up to a rookie wheeling an FK8 Civic Type R.

How do we know they are a rookie driver? Easy. The blue painters tape on the front end, and the wavering confidence through every corner is a dead giveaway. Still, the Type R driver is brazen enough to slice through multiple cars during the straight-away, and cause a rolling roadblock through every corner.


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Despite being way down on power, the FA5 driver does their best to make up time in the corners, and, in more than one instance, pass in the braking zones. Rather amusingly, the driver also puts annotated notes on the screen, complete with subtitles, explaining what he is saying, or thinking, over the sound of the uncorked K20.

After watching this video, however, we are still left wondering which car we would rather wheel at the track. So, Honda-tech, which would you rather drive, a modified FA5 or a stock FK8 Civic Type R?

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