Member Spotlight: SHG Motorworks’ Circuit DC5 Build

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Owning a Honda and modifying the car go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s been happening for decades. Still, modifying a car for better performance on the street is one thing — and perfectly fine by me — but modifying a car into a race car is another animal altogether. The folks at SHG Motorworks¬†decided to take on that challenge recently with an Acura RS.

This is the first time SHG has built a race car from the ground up, but the package is solid. It is designed to compete in SCCA Improved Touring R Class, and take on some of the many racetracks this great country has to offer.


The DC5 started life as a typical RSX, but for race car duty, everything had to be stripped out and basically replaced. Unlike some builds I’ve seen in the past, SHG took their time with this and did everything right. Honestly, it looks freakin’ fantastic.

You’re going to want to set aside some time to check out the entire build thread over in the forums, because they go into great detail about the modifications they made, and the process of building the race car. But based on the final photographs we’re showing you here, they did a bang-up job.

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