Member Spotlight: $amGD3 Saved an FG2 Civic Si Coupe

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I’m┬ánot one to tell you guys how to live your lives or customize your cars, but I will say this: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car with teal wheels that’s looked good. If anything, a customized car should have subtle accents that contrast with an all-white body. Apparently, $amGD3 feels the same, as changing wheels was one of his first orders of business when he purchased this Alabaster Silver Metallic 2009 Civic Si Coupe.

After owning an EM1 Civic for seven years, he picked up an FG2 with 165,000 miles and a ton of poorly done modifications. Aside from the D2 coilovers, $amGD3 wanted to get rid of a lot and refine the overall appearance.

He ended up switching out the teal wheels for a set of silver HFP OEM wheels that immediately made the car look much better. He then got some wheel spacers, replaced the muffler with a Magnaflow unit, bought an HFP lip, blacked out the rear lower bumper panel, got a new OEM shift boot and a Spoon shift knob, changed the plugs, swapped out the pulleys and belts, grabbed a K&N air filter, and ordered a Hondata FlashPro. Now, $amGD3 is waiting to get some skirts and a rear lip.

His alterations have already made the car look 100 times better. Wouldn’t you agree?

Follow the thread to see how the build continues. >>

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