Matt Farah Meets 260WHP Built Motor K20/24-powered 9th Gen Civic Si

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Last week there was a bolt-on and tuned 9th gen Si here, and now we have another one, this time complete with a K20/24 frankenstein engine. In what has become the de facto hotrod Honda motor mash up, you can take the head from a K20Z3/K20A/K20A2 and combine it with the K24 block from a 9th gen Si, or TSX to have big torque, and big engine speeds. It’s the best of both worlds, offering a much fatter torque curve from the K24 bottom end, but the 8000+ RPM capable valvetrain from the smaller displacement K20 engine.


This particular car features a Drag Cartel-built K20 head (read: cams and uprated valvetrain components) fitted to a TSX block, with breathing mods in the form of an aftermarket header and intake, which has been tuned by renowned K2x tuned VitViper. All of that is good for 260WHP, 190 ft./lb of torque and an 8200RPM rev limit. For a naturally aspirated engine, the torque curve may as well have been drawn with a straight edge, and horsepower builds in a very linear manor, making for an easy to drive and tractable powerplant.

Drop that into the comfortable and capable 9th gen Si, and you arguably the perfect daily driver hot Honda. Check it out below:

via The Smoking Tire

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