Crazy Honda Civic Turbo V6 Swapped Widebody Attacks a Hillclimb

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LoveFab builds amazing Honda hillclimb machines. What happens when four 355 wide slicks are added to a turbocharged V6 swapped Civic EG6 hatch?

Cory Loveland, owner of LoveFab, is well known in the Honda community. He builds beastly, high horsepower, hillclimb Hondas. For years, he campaigned heavily modified NSXs up Pikes Peak and various other events. He is a master fabricator, who has designed big power turbocharged NSXs. Cory has gone so far as to design and build his own car, called the Enviate. It is a project born from years of pushing the NSX out of its factory bodywork. The tube frame chassis, is a single seater and built to be a road race and hillclimb car for the unlimited class. Cory is always thinking outside the box, or in the case with this Civic, outside the hatch.

civic hatch

This insane wide-body EG6 Civic hatch is a bit of a shop project car. The owner is Aric Streeter, who is a partner in Cory’s Enviate race car. Cory designed and built the little hatch for time attack, back in 2003. So, it all started with a motor swap. He replaced the factory engine and transmission with a 3.2 L J32A2 V6 and six-speed manual from an Acura CL Type-S. Next was a Garrett GTX3576R turbocharger, ID1000 injectors, and water-to-air intercooler, which makes 450 horsepower. Of course, there is the raw wide-body treatment, which makes it look like a monster.

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The wheels, which are from the Enviate racecar, are a set of 18 x 13 inch HREs. If you’re Cory Loveland, a wide set of wheels just sitting at the shop, is a wide-body waiting to happen. So, first off, the cutting and shaping of the car to fit the new wide-track is awesome. Aggressive? Sure, but totally functional and as a result very cool. In this video, we see this angry, squatty, boosted Civic hatch tear up the hill. The future plan is to develop the car and take it to time attack. This hillclimb was a shakedown to see how the car performs, so they can make improvements. In conclusion, we at can’t wait to see what LoveFab can do with this crazy Civic hatch. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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