K20 Turbo-Powered Porsche 911: The Unicorn

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What’s better than a Porsche-powered Porsche? A Honda K20 turbo-powered Porsche, of course!

As Honda enthusiasts, we’ve all seen this wild turbocharged K20A2 911, right? It’s been about a year since that build was started and we’ve talked about it Ad nauseum. Well, we’re going to talk about it some more, because the thing is finally up and running in a moderate state of tune. They aren’t quite ready to disclose what¬†this car is producing on the dyno, but it’s safe to say that it’s significantly more than Porsche built into it from the factory. Not only that, but the engine is lighter, more compact, and probably more reliable to boot.

We’re also serious fans of the Porsche brand and their mass-in-the-ass brand of sports car building, so it’s a little strange to hear this car fire up with the sound of a race-tuned Honda front-driver. Once you’re over the initial shock, it’s pretty awesome to think about what this car can do with boost and 9,500 RPM. A proper sports car really should always drive like it has infinite revs. The most engaging sports car experiences are found in cars that require you to row through the gears quickly, and select the right gear for the speeds you need coming out of a corner.

The video itself is quite long, as it includes more than just the “Unicorn” K-911, but it’s worth watching at least through the first eight and a half minutes or so. If you’ve ever wanted to see how the K20¬†turbo 911 might drive, here’s your chance. They’ve also teased an upcoming full-feature on the car, which you can look forward to seeing right here on Honda-tech. Keep it locked.

Honda-tech.com K20 turbo Porsche 911 swap

[Source: Because Daddy on YouTube]

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