K-swapped ’94 Civic Coupe is the Daily Driver of Your Dreams

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Combine one of the best engines Honda made, with one of their best platforms, and you have a recipe for fun.

David Patterson, aka the man behind the ThatDudeinBlue YouTube channel, has found an exceptionally clean EJ1 sporting a K20 swap. Mark from another channel, Honda Street Garage, is the man behind the incredibly clean swap. And it’s more than just a motor slapped in the chassis. Which is still fun, but in a different way.

To start, the car is a 1994 Civic EX (EJ1) with a K20 swap out of a 2002 Acura RSX Type-S. That engine and transmission is paired, surprisingly, a JDM Type R ECU. Why no Hondata or otherwise? Mark wanted a more stock-like experience, and the Type R ECU also doesn’t require the use of an immobilizer. He’s also got an S2000 gauge cluster, which sounds like it was a pain to install. Patterson asks him about it at one point, and Mark likens it to mowing a lawn. You just have to be methodical and do it one wire at a time. Sounds tedious, but the final product is worth it in this case. The cluster looks like it belongs in the EJ1.

1994 Civic EX (EJ1) with a K20 swap

They spend more than a little time just wringing the EJ1 out, running the K20 through its gears. It sounds glorious, of course. Though the K20 doesn’t have the low-end torque of the K24, Mark saw that as a positive. The EJ1 ends up being more civil driving around town but still has that power when Patterson gets on it. “It feels like a front-wheel drive S2000!” Patterson says. High-revving motor with a top-heavy powerband? Yep, sounds like it.


1994 Civic EX (EJ1) with a K20 swap

There’s a whole bunch more to the car, but we don’t want to give away the whole thing. The video is worth a watch for anyone who likes high-revving naturally-aspirated Hondas.

Anyone else going straight to eBay to look for K20 donors? Make this your second stop, the K series section of the Forums.

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