Jordan Cox’s Honda Civic VS Jason Hendy’s Nissan 200sx

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In the final race of the IPRA under 2-liter championship, Jordan Cox’s Honda Civic goes wheel-to-wheel Jason Hendy’s Nissan 200sx.

If the name Jordan Cox rings a bell, it’s because we’ve seen the Australians giant-slaying antics before. He was last seen on Honda-Tech wheeling his little EG Civic past all manner of dedicated sports cars. He’s been described as a wild man, a hero, lunatic, and a maniac behind the wheel. Sometimes all in the same paragraph. However, at the IPRA under 2-liter championship season final at Sydney Motorsport Park, we see how technical and cool under pressure he is. We also get to see just how dialed in and perfectly sorted Jordan Cox’s Honda Civic is.

Jordan Cox's Honda Civic.

It’s a masterclass of protecting a lead. Jason Hendy unsuccessfully throws the entire book of passing maneuvers at Cox. He tries going up the inside, he dive bombs at the end of the straight, and at one point goes all the way around the outside of a long left-hander to try and get the inside of the next right. Under all that pressure though, Cox’s mental game is too strong to have an error forced.

You can also see Cox leave the field for dead in the over 2-liter championship the same weekend. That race features a field of cars that include a Turbo Nissan Silvia and V8 Holden Commodore. Yet, with all that intimidating hardware nobody could touch him. Cox makes it look so effortless we were wondering if he got the first lap down before just sipping on a latte and listening to some tunes for the rest of the race.

There are a few things we want to see. First, Cox’s Civic represented in a big driving video game. Second, someone offering him a full seat at a big boy’s table. There are some teams in the British Touring Car Championships running Civic Type R’s that could use his talent.

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