The Smoking Tire Drives Pure Insanity: 115-Horsepower 1972 Honda N600

By - Honda N600 115HP VFR800 Motorcycle engine swap Smoking Tire Review

Between giggling fits, Farah manages to shout ‘This thing is a riot’

It’s pretty rare to see Matt Farah grinning ear to ear for the duration of an entire One Take. On this episode for The Smoking Tire, however, Matt finds maybe the biggest smiles-per-mile of all time in a bike-swapped, Honda N600. This is a good one, especially if you love high-revving bike engines in cars. And who doesn’t like high-revving bike engines in cars? Bad people, that’s who.

The car’s original builder, Dean Williams, took this tiny ‘72 N600 and threw out the original lumpy little bike engine. In its place, Williams installed a Honda VFR800 V4 engine that gives 115 horsepower and a 12,000 rpm redline. He kept the bike’s sequential gearbox with a clutch pedal and paddle-shift setup. There’s no reverse gear and the clutch seems a bit tricky, but that’s all part of making the Honda into a screaming 1,400-pound missile.

So much of this car is just absolutely fantastic. The suspension and brakes all come from an NA Miata that, combined with a rear-wheel-drive setup, make it a mini-Miata. A mini-Miata that has, as Farah says, “all the revs.” It sounds like an open-wheel race car and with such a lightweight chassis, it probably drives as much like an entry-level formula car as a passenger car possibly can.

That sound, by the way, gets even louder with an exhaust cutout that can be removed. How does it sound with unhindered engine sound? Well, Matt’s grin and his “You’ve gotta be f*****g kidding me!” pretty much tells the story.

Look, this might be the world’s best “Built Not Bought” Honda on the planet (even though its current owner, who rides shotgun with Farah, bought it). Everything about it shrieks “Total Insanity” with ear-bleeding volume and we love every maniacal-laughter second of this video. Watch it and try not to laugh along. And be sure to check out more details on this little rocket right here.

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