How One Guy Bought the Cheapest Acura NSX Ever

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What was likely the cheapest and most beat up Acura NSX on the planet is still going strong, 10 years later.

The original Acura NSX is, without a doubt, right up there in anyone’s book as one of the greatest cars ever built. But that lofty status also means that if you want to buy one, you better be ready to pony up. Unless, of course, you can find a total heap. Which is pretty hard to do, because most people babied these things. And in case you haven’t heard, they’re pretty darn reliable, too. So when a gent named Richard Graves found an Acura NSX sporting pee stains and various other sins, he jumped on it.

As Graves explained to VINwiki, his purchase actually came about because he had some unexpected extra cash. Which means you’ve gotta spend it on something cool, right? Back in 2006-2007, you could find a nice Acura NSX for roughly $25k. So when Graves spotted a 212,000 mile, 1992 example on eBay, he couldn’t resist. Especially when it had an asking price of just $16,500.

Acura NSX

The real estate agent who owned the car had used it as a daily driver, but needed to unload it after the market plummeted. Graves felt comfortable about the car after speaking with him, so he put in a bid. And lost. But when the winning bidder backed out, he got a second chance. And he took it.


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But when he went to look at it, the Acura NSX didn’t quite live up to the pics. It was sharing living space with cats, sporting both a strong pee odor and scratches from its feline friends. The test drive revealed a check engine light, the air conditioning didn’t work, and the front bumper was smashed. But at least that got him a small discount of $500.

Acura NSX

Incredibly cheap? Sure. But this raggedy ride was obviously priced that way for a reason. On the test ride home, the speedometer died. Then the dash lights went out. But Graves made it back in one piece, regardless. And he managed to sort out all the car’s many problems. And now, 10 years later, he still has the car. Which today sports 267,000 miles and routinely sees the track!

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