Honda’s New “Mean Mower” Ready to Cut Grass, and World Records

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2018 Honda Mean Mower

Honda’s ‘Mean Mower’ lawn tractor/motorcycle hybrid is a 150-mph, fully functional lawn tractor with carbon fiber blades on deck.

Mowing the lawn can be a tedious chore, especially if you’re stuck with a push mower, it’s the middle of the summer, and the lawn is as big as a golf course. A lawn tractor can make mowing a breeze, however, especially if there’s a bit of Honda power leading the way.

But what if you wanted to get the work done faster so you can go back to working on your Civic Type R, though? Surely you’ll need something with more power under the hood, right? If that’s the case, then Honda has the mower for you. CNET says the company powered by dreams has created a new ‘Mean Mower’ that’s ready to turn your lawn to Talladega at the push of a button.

2018 Honda Mean Mower

This mower is no ordinary grass-cutter, though, for it’s a lawn tractor/motorcycle hybrid featuring the firepower of the CBR1000RR Fireblade SP’s one-liter inline-four. Mounted inside a lightweight frame disguised as a Honda HF 2622 riding mower, this track-ready mower sends around 190 horses to the rear Hoosier slicks through the six-speed transmission and clutch setup from the Fireblade. Meanwhile, electric motors and a pair of batteries lend their power to the carbon fiber blades mounted inside the cutter deck, all the better to mow the infield after cutting lap times on the track.

2018 Honda Mean Mower

And this “Mean Mower” is ready to do the latter. Honda’s previous “Mean Mower” set the record for the fastest lawn mower in the world with a top speed of 116.575 mph back in 2014. That mower had only 109 horses from its 1,000 cc mill taken from the VTR Firestorm. This new mower aims to smash the previous record by hitting 150 mph at the top end with help from kart and car racer Jess Hawkins.

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