YouTuber Checks Out Some Very Rare Hondas in Europe

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Honda enthusiast gets a chance to see the first front-wheel drive production Honda.

HondaPro Jason’s enthusiasm for the Honda brand takes him all over the world. In this video from his YouTube channel, he finds himself in Denmark. Some of these rare Hondas are owned by a private collector, while some are brought for him to see by enthusiasts. We particularly like the 1st generation Prelude trailering a super-cute 1971 TN360. Jason is blown away by the truck and we don’t blame him. The TN series of cab-over pickup trucks are both adorable and rare.

A Honda S800 race car.

Even rarer though is a well kept Honda 1300. Jason actually points out he wasn’t even sure he would get to see one in his lifetime, let alone drive it. The 1300 was the precursor to Honda’s long standing models and provided the learning curve leading to the wild success of both the Civic and Accord. It actually has a 1298 cc air-cooled engine, and this is the Series 77 version. That means it had a single carburetor as the Series 99 was the version with 4 carbs.

More highlights appear in the private collection. There’s a vintage Honda Race car with an S800 engine as well as an S500 engine on a stand. Also, an unmolested Z to the point it hasn’t had its recall done and an S800 in original condition. There are even some wonderful old motorbikes, including a Monkey Bike and a Super Cub.

The video is just one awesome Honda after another, so grab a drink and take a break to take them all in. It’s not just rare cars HondaPro Jason gets to check out either. There’s some cool K-swapped EK and EG Civics as well as an EP3 Type-R and a turbocharged CRV.  Of course, we’re not entirely sure why someone would force induct an old CRV, but we’re glad they have.

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