2004 Honda Civic Coupe: Cooler-than-Average Daily Driver

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2004 Honda Civic Coupe

We’re left wondering how this awesome Honda Civic ended up on RacingJunk.

First off, we have no idea what a stock, nearly-15-year-old Honda Civic is doing on the classifieds site, Racing Junk. And we have to be honest here, we were initially drawn to click on the ad by the enticing thumbnail. And we’re glad that we did because the car in question looks like the ideal daily driver to us.

2004 Honda Civic Coupe

For starters, this ’04 Civic has the right number of doors (two), and the right number of pedals (three). It’s Milano Red over grey cloth, which is a classic Honda color combo if there ever was one.

The price is nice, too. Just a hair under five grand for a clean, well taken care of car with around 120,000 miles on the clock seems pretty agreeable to us.

2004 Honda Civic Coupe

It’s a rust-free Tennessee car, too, which sweetens the pot considerably. It’s something folks on the West Coast might take for granted, but it’s much appreciated to those in the cold, snowy parts of the country.

It may not have any business being advertised on Racing Junk, and it’s certainly not cool enough to warrant a model posing in front of it. All we know is that we’re glad we found it. Sometimes life just just puts things in front of you for a reason. Or not.

2004 Honda Civic Coupe

Either way, this little guy is just begging for a set of lowering springs, that just-right set of 4×100 wheels, and a few choice bolt-ons. This is the last generation of Civic that we truly love, and we’d be happy to keep this one around as a cooler-than-average daily driver. What do you think?

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