Honda’s Ex-MotoGP World Champ Nicky Hayden in ‘Critical Condition’

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A cycling accident in Italy has left Nicky Hayden with severe brain damage, and in a medically induced coma.

Former MotoGP world champion for Repsol Honda, Nicky Hayden, was involved in a cycling accident in the city of Rimini in Italy. According to several reports, Hayden was riding in a group of 14 riders when he suddenly collided with a Peugeot. It’s unclear whether he had separated from the group, or exactly how the accident developed.

According to several photographs, Hayden was struck head on, which caused him to be thrown off his bike and into the windshield of the car. Despite Hayden wearing the appropriate safety gear, cycling at high speeds can be equally, or even more dangerous than riding a motorcycle — primarily to lighter-duty safety gear.

Hayden was transported to a local hospital, where his condition was stabilized before transferring him to a specialized intensive care unit in Cesena, Italy. According to medical reports, he’s suffered “very serious cerebral damage,” and remains in critical condition.

See the official statement from the hospital:

“The clinical conditions of Nicky Hayden remain critical. The young man, who is still in the Intensive Care ward of the Bufalini hospital in Cesena, suffered a serious polytrauma which consequently resulted in very serious cerebral damage. The prognosis remains critical”

Hayden isn’t only an excellent racer, but an American motorcycle racing hero, and a friendly and warm human being. We wish him and his family nothing but the best, especially his fiancé and brothers who are currently bedside with Nicky.

We’ll bring more when available.

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