Honda Crosstour Couple Have It Out in Public

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Posted by J-Lou Romero on Thursday, August 23, 2018

Someone caught this couple having a spectacular lovers quarrel in front of their Honda Crosstour and posted it on Facebook.

In the age of cell phones with video cameras and an internet connection, any moment in public can be recorded and put in front of hundreds, thousands, or even millions in a short time. Unfortunately, this gem of a moment caught by Facebook user J-Lou Romero was from quite some distance away. Fortunately, though, we have a team of body language and lip reading experts on hand to decode exactly what’s going on for us.

Basically, she loves their Honda Crosstour but caught him looking at other Hondas on his phone. Like a fool, he didn’t clear his browser history or delete his texts with a local Honda dealer. That’s a rookie error for anyone in a relationship that’s considering the benefits of trading in a shared car. That error quickly earned him a smashed phone.

A lovers quarrel in front of their Honda Crosstour.

His next mistake was saying, “Babe, the Civic Type R is faster, easier to park, and more practical,” rather than taking into account her needs from a vehicle which are size and comfort, and that the Crosstour is incredibly practical. Our experts agree that as he is picking up his phone, she shouts, “Screw you! This Crosstour even has the optional V6 because you wanted more power!” before ranting about how the wedding is coming up and he should be looking for a sharp suit and not fantasizing over the car he wants and not the car they need.

Unfortunately, Romero cut the tail end of the argument and we lose most of the making up but, from what we can gather, he’s promising her they’ll keep the Crosstour and she’s agreeing that he can talk to his buddy at the gym about turbocharging it. The lesson here is that compromise is the key to a long lasting relationship.

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