Honda Civic Type R vs. VW GTI Clubsport

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Let’s be honest, the majority of the Honda-tech’s user base is North American, whether it be the United States or Canada, the stats don’t lie. As such, most of the media we ingest is also North American flavored and while there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s fun to see what lies beyond our borders.

When have you last heard of South Africa mentioned in the automotive sphere of influence? We ask because today’s video of the day, as well as tomorrow’s pick come from South Africa, and they focus on something that we at Honda-tech really like: hot hatch Hondas. Specifically, the new FK2 chassis Civic Type R, also known as the European-spec Type R, that is acting as a precursor to what we should expect for the 2018 North American-spec Type R.

The premise is simple: VW GTI Clubsport vs. Honda Civic Type R on the Phakisa Circuit in South Africa.


Let’s start with the GTI Clubsport: Germanic build quality, “grown up” looks, paired to the quick-shifting dual clutch automatic gearbox with a tweaked 2.0L turbo four from the regular GTI, and throw in a Nurburgring tuned suspension while you’re at it.

The Civic Type R is rowdy, brash and fast, complete with an even more potent 2.0L turbo four (crucially, with VTEC), a 6-speed manual transmission, crazy bodywork and a big wing. For what it’s worth, the CTR is also no slouch at the ‘Ring.

Ready your bets:

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