Honda Civic Type R Explores Famed Roads of Initial D

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Honda Civic Type R JDM

Civic Type R goes off the beaten path of classic anime to flex its muscles on the true gem of the series.

What would your life be like if you were in an anime? For starters, there could be tons of mechs to pilot, like those of Gundam and Voltron. It’s possible to come across a young woman who happens to be a human/clothing hybrid, like Kill la Kill. Your whole life could be a play on a grand stage, such as it is in The Big O. And of course, you could be in a world where cyborgs patrol the mean streets, as they do in Ghost in the Shell.

Speaking of those same streets, Jalopnik recently visited some of the famed touges found in every enthusiast’s favorite anime, Initial D.


Instead of the iconic Toyota AE86 Trueno, though, we’re taken to the Akagi touge in none other than a JDM 2018 Honda Civic Type R. Though the journey took four hours in heavy tourist traffic, the trek was worth the effort. While Mount Akina and Irohazaka Road get all of the attention from Initial D fans, Akagi had few cars traverse back and forth, giving plenty of room for the Civic Type R to flex its muscles.


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Going up Akagi was a breeze for the Type R, thanks to its two-liter turbo-four and excellent cornering skills. Coming back down, the Type R performed like a champ with its wonderful body control and handling. Though the publication says other cars would be faster, the Civic Type R “was a truly enjoyable car to drive on these sorts of roads,” especially with its engaging manual transmission helping to make things truly fun on this pop culture run. We certainly can’t think of a better way to experience the beauty of Initial D.

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