Honda Civic Type R Carves Up Nurburgring with Ease

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Watching the Civic Type R lap the legendary Nordschleife is actually pretty tame. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fast.

It’s no surprise to anyone that the new Honda Civic Type R has turned out to be quite the track monster. With loads of power and some serious suspension voodoo, this pint-sized performer has impressed every single person who’s been blessed to hop behind the wheel. Most of the track tests we’ve seen thus far have taken place at your local stateside circuit, however. But now we’ve got a pretty sweet onboard clip from RSRNurburg to enjoy. And it takes place at the legendary Nurburgring.

It’s only fitting, really, given the fact that the Civic Type R currently holds the front-wheel drive record at the Nordschleife. But the crew at RSRNuburg wanted to experience the car on that particular track for themselves. And by the sounds of things, they certainly came away impressed. “The small Honda didn’t disappoint! It is indeed a well balanced, effective package that can be enjoyed at any pace, by experienced and novice drivers alike.”

Honda Civic Type R

That statement is clearly backed up by the footage. The way that the Civic Type R carves up the Nurburgring’s legendary corners looks simply effortless. There’s really no drama here at all, in fact. Not even a lot of tire squeal, as the Type R hangs on around the twisties without complaint. Compared to most of the exotic machinery we’ve witnessed in the same spots, it’s almost (gasp) boring.


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But in a good way, of course. Boring often means fast, and in this case it certainly does. Big sideways slides and tire smoke are great for putting on a show, but don’t translate into record-setting lap times. And in this case, a time of just over 8 minutes isn’t too shabby for a first try!

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