Honda Accord Coupe V6 Touring Is Good Consolation

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Cry at the Prospect of a 6-Speed Automatic Accord Coupe V6

When I found out Honda was going to give us an Accord Coupe V6 for a week, the first question I asked is the same first question you would have asked: “Is it a manual?”

I received an answer I did not want: “No.”

Whining then emanated from my vocal cords as if I were nine years old. “Ah, f***! Why do they even have an automatic coupe in the press fleet?”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always giddy at the thought of any press car visiting the office for a week, no matter how good or bad the car, but this was different. The Accord Coupe is a fine automobile whether it’s an automatic or manual, but you get so much more of an experience when you can row your own. Honda makes one of the better-feeling manual transmissions in the world, and then they top off the good-feeling shifts with wonderfully placed pedals so you can heel and toe easily. The manual transforms the Accord Coupe V6 from nice and adequate to outstanding and memorable.

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The manual-equipped car is like the Showcase Showdown grand prize. In contrast, the Accord Coupe V6 Touring (the top-level Touring trim is automatic only) is like the consolation prize you get after hearing The Price is Right’s losing horns.

But once you get over the depression of missing out on that vacation to the Bahamas, the automatic-equipped car is like the reminder that life is pretty good even without the grand prize. That’s because the Accord Coupe V6 automatic is a pretty good car. It’s handsomely designed, comfortable, quick, but best of all, it loves gulping away the highway miles. Once I got this car on the freeway, that’s when the automatic-equipped coupe finally began to speak to me. The two-door Accord V6 has an almost magical ability to calm its driver whenever it reaches a highway. Everything feels so effortless at speed. The Accord gave me the satisfaction I’d get if a dog were to fetch me the morning paper, except in this case, I was being fetched to my destination.

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As someone who strives to derive positivity out of a negative, automatic-transmission-only situation, once I was done whining about the lack of clutch pedal, I began to feel hopeful that perhaps the automatic Accord would surprise me unexpectedly. It did. While it’s nothing special around town like its manual sibling, once it’s on the highway, it becomes a willing companion ready to glide you across our vast network of interstates. Its calm demeanor makes boring highway driving less of a chore, and more of a magic carpet ride. I’d say that’s good consolation.

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