HKS Showcases Behind-the-Scenes Tuning on the Civic Type R

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Japan tuning firm heads to Tsukuba Circuit to develop performance parts for the FK8 Civic Type R.

The Honda Civic Type R is a brutally-effective weapon around the race track, we know this. However, there’s always room to improve, and with the FK8, a car that is dominating in time attack scenes around the world, the demand for more speed is definitely there. So, naturally, HKS, one of Japan’s largest tuning firms, is developing go-fast parts for the CTR, as this youtube video from the HKS Co., Ltd channel shows.

HKS appears to have rented out Tsukuba Circuit with the goal of tuning performance parts for the FK8. Immediately, after rolling out of the pits, the scene cuts to their Type R hammering out of the final turn, and onto the front straight. Right away, it sounds much better than the somewhat muted Civic Type R does, out of the box. After a few cuts, the FK8 is working through the inside esses. We can see it’s sitting lower than stock, and we also spy some Advan RS-II wheels, with some actual sidewall, unlike the stock 20-inch wheels. Then there is the ubiquitous HKS super sequential blow-off valve making itself heard.

Eventually, it’s back to the pit garages where the tweaks to the car are made. It’s there we see the full extent of the upgrades to this Civic Type R. The HKS video uses some very stylized graphics to highlight their go-fast parts. On the power side of things, there is the intake, turbo intercooler, engine oil cooler, exhaust and turbo downpipe upgrades. In terms of chassis and suspension tuning, Hipermax coil-overs, as well as the brand’s “error light canceller,” which, we are guessing, is used to cancel out any error lights that would come on from removing the standard electronically-controlled adjustable dampers. We also spied some Yokohama A052 track day rubber on those Advan wheels.

After more tweaks, it’s back on the track. Can the HKS Civic Type R crack the sub-one-minute barrier that Tsukuba is famous for? Well, it’s a cliffhanger, unfortunately. HKS will be back with official times soon, and we can’t wait to see what other developments are coming to the FK8 platform.

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