First Honda Civic Type R Crash Recorded

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2017 Honda Civic Type R crash: A moment of silence… 2017 New Honda Civic Type R Crash Crashed Wreck FK8 Totaled Part Out

So that didn’t take long now did it? This morning, we were sent a photo and the video you see above of what just might be the very first 2017 Civic Type R to bite the dust. As Honda enthusiasts, we never like to see cars wearing the H badge get into a crash, especially the long awaited and very much coveted FK8 Civic Type R.

As of now we don’t have any information to who owns this particular car or where the incident occurred, but the video description did mention that the CTR did come in contact with a deer. Collisions with animals running across the road are common, but it’s always a difficult sight to see for both the damaged car and the animal involved. We hope the driver of the car is okay. As for the deer, rest in peace. Judging from the view of the damage, it looked like a pretty bad hit. The upper frame rail and “apron” area is destroyed, and we spy some deployed air bags. Taking a guess: it’s likely a total loss.

We know what you’re all thinking… Ugh, vertical video in 2017? Just kidding, you want in on that part out. Who wouldn’t want a K20C1 swap right? Time to figure out what junk yard this thing is going to. Let us know what you think on the forum!

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