EXCLUSIVE: Revised Honda Civic Type R Spied Testing on Nurburgring

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2020 Honda Civic Type R Refresh News Spy Shots Exclusive

Honda Civic Type R refresh to offer revised aerodynamics package and optional sleeper style rear wing delete option.

Ever since the excellent Honda Civic Type R debuted in 2017 there have been rumblings, a sort of background murmur, that a more diversified Type R line-up was coming. However, some two years later, there is still only one spec of Civic Type R. So, those rumors have not come to fruition, until now.

We have captured spy shots of two revised CTR models testing on the Nurburgring, and there are plenty of nice, juicy details to discuss.

First up is this yellow Civic Type R. And right away, we need to talk about the color, because, man, we really hope that Honda is bringing back the iconic Phoenix Yellow color.

Additionally, there is testing camo on the front and rear fascias, as well as the roof panel. Now, our Honda insider has told us that Honda may be developing a carbon fiber roof panel for the CTR, to reduce weight and bring down the center of gravity. That could offer a notable 20-30 pound weight savings. There also appear to be minor tweaks to the front and rear fascias, with the front bumper featuring slightly more aggressive air strakes, and the rear bumper featuring slightly toned down fake vents. The latter of which has been a source of ire for Type R fans. Rounding things off is a slightly revised aero package, with a notable lower front lip spoiler, acting like an air dam of sorts.


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However, something that isn’t changing about the flamboyant exterior styling are the blinged-out 20-inch wheels, which appear to be carrying on with this refreshed model. Bummer.

Moving on, is a big development for the daily driver and sleeper crowd. Honda appears to be offering a more subtle Civic Type R, with a small rear wing, rather than the conventional park bench. It will still be rolling on 20s, but it offers the more mature buyer a less visually full-on Civic Type R experience.

Which do you prefer? Are you excited to see diversification in the Civic Type R line up? Personally, we are Team Big Wing, because track day is life. In fact, we would welcome an even more hardcore Civic Type R model, like the older Mugen RR. However, we do know that many people have found the current 10th gen Civic exterior styling too bold for an every day car. Let us know in the comments down below.

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