2000 EM1 Honda Civic Si on Bring A Trailer: No Reserve Needed

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Honda-tech.com EM1 Civic Si BaT BringATrailer

Bidding war breaks out over “no reserve” Milano Red EM1 Civic Si.

We recently came across this pristine 2000 Milano Red (R81) EM1 Civic Si located in San Diego, CA on Bring A Trailer. It’s extremely rare to see one of these in such great condition and untampered. This particular example is not only unmodified, but also has low miles with an indicated odometer reading of 74,031 miles. Records of service intervals since the car was purchased new will be included. The timing belt has been replaced at 60,000 miles and the car recently had an oil change. Title is clean as well as the included Carfax report.

As expected from a 17-year-old car, a few scratches on the paint can be seen in the photos. Nonetheless, the overall exterior condition is excellent. There are no reported accidents or paintwork and all VIN tags are in place, which is always a good sign. The OEM wheels are in good condition and come with Goodyear Eagle tires all around.

Looking inside, the gray interior looks almost new with minimal signs of wear. All the factory instrumentation, controls, and other bits and bobs all work properly and the A/C still blows nice and cold. The interior is almost too clean to believe for a car that’s almost 20-years-old with just about 75k miles. Did the original owner drive with a hazmat suit or something?

Following suit with the rest of the car, it’s no surprise that the engine bay would clean enough to eat off the valve cover. According to the owner, the B16A2 engine and 5-Speed gearbox are completely stock. The EM1 has been smog certified as of June this year and is good for the next two years.


$15,500 is big money.

It’s hard to find a fault with this EM1 other than the fact that it’s not Electron Blue. Bidders at BaT clearly thought the same, as bidding erupted in the last few days it was for sale. The buyer ended up parting with $15,500 to acquire the keys to this EM1. That seems like absolute madness, but as a BaT comment noted, this may point towards enthusiast reactions towards the “new” Honda. The high RPM screamers are being swapped out in favor of ultra-efficient, turbo engines, to mixed reactions. It makes sense that people who came of age with these older Hondas would drop coin to cling their high school hero cars.

Honda-tech.com EM1 Civic Si BaT BringATrailer

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