EF Honda Civic Cracks 8-Second Barrier in Canada

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EF Honda Civic with badass driver flies down the drag strip, drama-free.

There was a time when people would laugh in your face if you told them an EF Honda Civic would one day run an 8-second quarter mile. But who’s laughing now? There are loads of little hatches running insanely fast times out there today. And this sweet little EF Honda Civic is chiefly among them. The boosted hatch was ripping off crazy fast e.t.s with ease on a pleasantly sunny day atĀ 1326iX inĀ Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga.

The Import Expo routinely draws all sorts of fast machines north of the border, many of them Hondas. Thanks in part to a pair of Honda-only divisions, of course – both boosted and naturally-aspirated classes. But there are also numerous classes for all makes and models, from index and bracket racing to unlimited classes for the fastest machines around.

EF Honda Civic

Right off the bat, the badass little Civic rips off an impressive 8.96 @ 171 mph. On what appears to be a bye run. But the turbo’d beast isn’t finished yet. After stumbling to a 9.30 @ 154 run on the next pass, the Civic’s driver is clearly looking for redemption. Sadly, the day ends with a slightly better but still disappointing run of 9.17 at 163.

EF Honda Civic

Still, you can’t harp on that performance. This EF Honda Civic is clearly one impressive machine, boosted or no. And we’re guessing that whatever little niggles prevented it from staying in the sub 9-second range will be sorted out in no time!

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