CRAZY DRIVER ALERT: The ‘CR-V Lady of Topeka’

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It seems that one of the country’s most infamous drivers has chosen a Honda CR-V as her war machine.

Here at Honda-Tech we’re quite fond of the saying “It’s always a damned Camry,” for multiple reasons. Not only are Toyota Camrys complete crap (Accord is king), but it’s truly always a damned Camry. This time though, it’s the driver of a Honda CR-V that’s terrorizing the streets.

According to public records, Jalopnik, and the CR-V Lady Awareness of Topeka Facebook group, Patricia McDonald is the country’s worst driver. Unfortunately, she doesn’t drive a Camry! Just once do we actually want someone to drive a Camry, and it turns out to be the utilitarian, and totally lovable Honda CR-V instead. Darn it.

McDonald, a.k.a “The CR-V Lady” resides in Tecumseh, Kansas, near Topeka, where she’s managed to scare the residents for decades. According to sources, she’s received over 20 infractions since 1996, including the following:

  • Five “normal” speeding tickets
  • Two tickets for speeding in a school zone
  • DUI conviction
  • Several citations for reckless driving
  • Citations for unsafe turning
  • Citations for leaving the scene of an accident

Think that’s it? Wrong! These are just a few of the infractions she’s officially received, but there are countless claims from witnesses and even victims that accuse McDonald of running people off the road, parking her CR-V in the middle of a busy street, driving the wrong way, and even attempting to run people over.

Because of her new-found fame, McDonald has recently been spotted wearing a brown paper bag as a mask in an attempt to cover fer face from the media, or quite possibly future victims.

Be careful, folks!

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