The Clarion Builds Acura NSX Glistens as an L.A. Nightcrawler

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Sometimes, words are not necessary, and as a writer, that’s pretttty hard to admit. But for this video, a well-put-together highlight reel of Clarion Builds’ 1991 Acura NSX time in Los Angeles, neither voiceover nor narration is needed.

Clarion Builds is a division of automotive sound system makers Clarion. It’s a team designed to “promote the restoration of cars that people can connect with, cars that have timeless designs, legendary performance and a great story behind them,” according to Vice President at Clarion Corporation of America, Allen Gharapetian. The Acura NSX is a car that fits those parameters perfectly.

Clarion found this NSX in tatters with about 230,000 miles on it, but it was a great candidate to be fixed up. After replacing the old 3.0-liter V6 with the later-improved 3.2 engine, Clarion added a bolt-on CT Engineering supercharger and got the horsepower up to 344. The car was then treated with a StopTech brake kit, KW Variant 3 double-adjustable coilover shocks, and Volk ZE40 wheels. Packaged nicely in Blu Caelum Lamborghini blue, the Clarion Builds NSX was finally ripe for as much photography and videography as possible, and automotive journalist Andrew Maness took on that call.

The clip below is called “Up All Night,” and it follows the Clarion NSX around L.A.’s roads when that’s actually possible: at night. Shot partially by helicopter, partially by drone, and partially by hand, the video gorgeously watches as the NSX escapes the city and winds its way into mountain roads where it really belongs.

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via [Andrew T. Maness]

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