Civic Type R Battles BMW E46 M3 for Track Day Supremacy

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Two drivers hit the track with two very different hardcore enthusiast cars for some time attack action.

Driving Line has been making a really cool series of videos for a while now with their format for Driver Battles. They take a couple of enthusiasts and their cars to a racetrack and see who can get the fastest time of the day. Simple, pure and lots of fun with nothing but pride on the line. This one caught our eye because it puts a car that’s destined to be a front-wheel drive legend up against a car that is already a rear-wheel drive legend.

Honda’s new Civic Type R has all the ingredients for that legendary status we expect it to have. It’s built on racing technology, it’s smashing production car lap times all over the place and, most importantly, it’s an engaging joy to drive. The E46-generation BMW 3-Series had all of that in the early 2000’s. Between 2000 and 2006 BMW built 85,744 race-ready M3 variants of their 3 Series. To this day it’s celebrated as one of the best rear-wheel drive production cars, if not the best, yet made. Honda Civic Type R vs. BMW E46 M3 Track Day Driver Battles

The last bit of that is very much debatable, but putting the two together on a track is an interesting proposition, even if the separation in drivetrains is about as opposite as it gets. Not only is there a difference between which end the power goes to before it meets the road, but the M3 is powered by a 3.2 liter straight-6 putting down a naturally aspirated 330 horsepower against the Civic Type R’s 2.0 liter forced induction four-banger with almost 30 less horses. That said, the Civic actually has 33 lb-ft more torque.


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However, that extra torque didn’t make enough difference along with the Type R driver’s modifications. Whether it’s driver talent or if the E46 M3 is just that good, it’s hard to call it definitively. They do call the series Driver Battles though. However, we wouldn’t mind spending a day week month at the track with both cars to try and find out for ourselves.

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