Watch This Budget Turbo Honda Insight Embarrass Supercars

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Even with a less than optimal tune, this insane Honda Insight is the perfect sleeper!

Ah, the sleeper. Everyone’s favorite underdog. While many extroverts choose to pilot rides that match their personality, the rest of us enjoy destroying the egos of those same folks with something more, shall we say, humble. We’ve seen all sorts of different sleepers over the years, obviously. But this incredible, turbocharged, budget-built Honda Insight might just take the cake.

K-swapped Honda Insight vs. super cars

In this hilarious video from That Racing Channel, we get to see the modest “hybrid” outrun everything from a Corvette Z06 to a Lambo. Even better, this wasn’t some sort of mega budget build by a rich dude looking for kicks. No, the owner of this amazing little rig, Bryan, claims it took a mere seven g’s to transform this Honda Insight from a hypermiler to a supercar-eating beast.

Obviously, to make an econocar this fast, the electrified drivetrain was scrapped immediately. In its place lies a K20A2 force fed by a Holset HX40 turbo. With some fine tuning, the little motor pumps out an impressive 470 hp on pump gas. With E85? Nearly 600 frickin’ horsepower! But in this video, Bryan admits they’re still sorting everything out, so they’re going with a conservative 450 pony tune.

K-swapped Honda Insight vs. super cars

The only problem? Once you bring up the revs, it’s obvious to anyone within earshot that this Honda Insight is no EV. But by then, it’s probably too late. One thing’s for sure – this thing is clearly hilarious. We couldn’t stop giggling watching it blow by the C7 Z06 from a rolling start. To be fair, the Insight loses to both the GTR and Huracan, by maybe a fender. Once they get this thing sorted out, those two won’t stand a chance!

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to scour our local junkyards for a used EV!

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