Budget Build, All-Motor K20-Swapped EG Civic Makes Big Power

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It turns out that you don’t need a big V8 and wads of cash to run 10 seconds in the quarter mile.

Can you build a Honda Civic into a reliable, 10 second quarter mile car for under $10,000? That Racing Channel on YouTube aims to show us how.

According to Chris, the owner of this wild EG Civic, the engine is a 2011 K20Z3, with a transmission from the same Civic Si donor vehicle. The block is stock, but the head has been built with hot cams and supporting mods. In addition, the car has a 125-shop Nitrous Express kit.

Budget 400 Horsepower EG Civic Makes Big Power

According to the owner, “It made 250 on motor, on the built-head K20…and then it made 373 horsepower and 300 lb/ft of torque” with nitrous. At that time, the car was experiencing some fueling issues that have since been taken care of. “It should be somewhere around 380, 390, 400 once we get it all sorted.” That’s more than respectable for a hatchback that’s a quarter of a century old, especially when you consider that Chris has less than ten grand wrapped up in the entire build.

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On its first time at the track, the car ran a blistering 10.71 at 127 miles per hour on slicks. Thanks to the grip, Chris managed an impressive 1.6 second 60 foot time. That’s pretty impressive considering that the car had the stock clutch at the time. That’s not good enough for Chris. “There’s a little room to go, there. With a 1.25, we should be down, 10.30s, 10.40s…” We appreciate Chris’ humble, can-do attitude.

Budget 400 Horsepower EG Civic Makes Big Power

Remember, this is no high-dollar build. Chris built it in his own garage with the help of his friends. While tuning was performed by experts armed with dynos and laptops, Chris and his buddies did all of the heavy lifting of putting the car together in the first place.

On thing helping the car’s performance is its stripped-out, racing interior. Including Chris, the car weighs just 2,100 pounds. That’s an impressive power-to-weight ratio. About all that’s left is the dash, a driver’s seat, and a clever custom-made cupholder. Incredibly, Chris still daily drives his Civic, including to and from the race track. Now that’s what we call dedication.

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