Acura NSX With Titanium Exhaust Is What Armageddon Sounds Like

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The one thing that could improve the overall feel of the Acura NSX is a badass exhaust system. And this is as badass as they get.

Many folks have had the guts to say that the new Acura NSX simply doesn’t live up to the standards set by the first-generation vehicle. In many ways, they’re right, as in it “obliterates” any sort of foundation set by the iconic sports car.

Yes, things have changed drastically since the ’90s, and therefore the new NSX simply can’t be what it once was — and therefore, it’s better in terms of handling, power, refinement, and technology. That being said, if there’s one area where we at Honda-Tech would like to see the NSX step up its game is the exhaust note. Honda Acura NSX Armytrix Titanium Exhaust

We recently came across this video by ARMYTRIX, which specializes in aftermarket components for a wide variety of vehicles. According to the video’s title and description, this 2017 Acura NSX sports the world’s first titanium exhaust. By the looks of it, they left the car’s rear bumper assembly off, which allows us to admire the fine metalwork behind the cutting-edge exhaust system attached to the high-tech 3.5-liter V6.

There are no specifics on any performance gains yet, but we’re sure the company will share some information as the system’s development comes to a close. Heck of a job so far, though!

Of course, this video is all about listening and not about reading.


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