2019 Honda Civic Type R Refresh Spotted Testing in the Wild

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Honda Civic Type R

Second Honda Civic Type R trim level is coming for 2019, offers some subtlety.

The Honda Civic Type R is the best sport compact on sale today. Focus RS? Eat your heart out. Golf R? Get lost. Subaru STi? Call us for a ride home after your ringlands blow apart. That said, there are some people who think the boy race aesthetic of the Civic Type R is just a bit too much. Granted, we aren’t part of that camp, but we still understand.

So, when our friends at Motor Authority spied this lightly camouflaged Type R being tested out in the wild, we took notice.

The front end seems to feature slightly revised air intakes, which appear slimmer. The look is a bit more toned down than the current car. The big deal is out back. This Type R prototype features two spoilers. First up is the current, large hatch-mounted wing. While a functional element of the Civic Type R’s downforce cocktail, it seems to be the biggest detraction for the subtlety crowd. Located about a foot beneath that is a small, subtle lip spoiler, mounted between the tail lights.


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That smaller lip spoiler, along with some tweaks to the front and rear fascias indicates that Honda is planning a toned down Civic Type R, for the sleeper crowd. It’s worth mentioning that right now there is a single trim level of Type R: Touring. These aesthetic tweaks should allow for two trim levels of Civic Type R to coexist. We suspect the Type R will start being sold with both Touring and R trim levels. A Civic Type R – R trim sounds silly, at first. But, there is a precedent there, with the old Civic Mugen RR. Only Honda knows what the future holds for the Type R nameplate, but all eyes are on them.

What do you think about this revised Type R, and additional options and trim levels? Head over to Motor Authority for their exclusive spy shots and drop a comment below.

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