The 2018 Honda Accord Configurator is Now Live

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Honda Accord Congurator

The 2018 Accord configurator is up and running on the Honda website, so it’s time to spec out and price your ideal version.

It’s going to be hard to beat the 2018 Accord Sedan in the mid-size market for any automaker. It looks so good and has been improved enough it might even make us forget the coupe is going away. Now the 2018 Accord configurator is live, it’s time to see how everything adds up.¬†Unfortunately though, if you’re after the 2.0-liter engine it won’t be available until next month.

Honda Accord Configurator in San Marino Red.

We do love that there is no additional charge for choosing a manual transmission for the Sport model. However, there’s no option for leather trimmed seats either on the Sport.

For the Sport and Touring models, 19-inch wheels are standard. We do wish that Honda would offer 18’s on the other models though. A balance between performance and the cost of new rubber would be nice. After all, it’s a car that will be splitting the difference between commuting and family duty as well as having fun.

Our eye is drawn to the Sport version, but there is something for everyone. With the Sensing suite of safety features as standard and Honda keeping logical steps between the trims, they’ve made easy to pick out what trim level suits you best. Once that decision is made, it’s just about wheels and the smaller interior and exterior extras.

The question is how would you spec yours out? Does the Sport trim have enough conveniences or does something with a 10-speed auto or CVT transmission suit you better?

Check out the configurator here then let us know.

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