2017 Honda NSX vs. McLaren 570S

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Today’s video comes to us from the U.K. where those plucky Brits at Autocar magazine have lined up a two-way duel between the newest supercars on the block.

Right off the bat, this initially seems like an odd comparison, with an exotic brand like McLaren paired against a Honda. However, the NSX of today is not like the NSX of yore, and is actually quite an expensive vehicle. Similarly, the 570S is McLaren’s entry level supercar for Western audiences, so the gap between the two is quite small. As tested, these two cars are within £700( GBP), or about $1000, of each other. Closing the gap even further is that fact that both are mid-engined, and twin-turbocharged, offering similar power and torque figures. However, with it’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) and electric hybrid powertrain, the NSX is coming into this battle some 600 pounds heavier. It should be no surprise that the McLaren takes the NSX’s lunch money in a drag race, but there is more to life than smashing the go pedal and traveling in a straight line.

All of the stats and figures are one thing, but what are two cars like on a typical winding British back road, and in the wet? Some sideways shenanigans break out before a victor is declared. Let’s see what happens:

via Autocar

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