2017 Honda Civic Type R Drops, Finally U.S. Bound!

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After Ignoring America For Years, Honda Makes It Right With 2017 Civic Type R

Americans have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for a chance to buy the Civic Type R on domestic soil. For years, we’ve gotten different variants of hot Civics, yet never the real thing. But Honda is rewarding our patience, finally, by confirming that the hot hatch will go on sale in America late this spring. The announcement coincides with the debut of the production spec 2017 Honda Civic Type R. Motor Authority was in Geneva to capture the exciting new ride in all it’s glory.

And from the looks of things, our long wait should be well worth it. Output from the American built, turbocharged 2.0 liter inline-four cylinder remains the same as the outgoing European-spec Type R – 306 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. But that’s clearly nothing to sneeze at in the light and tidy package. Gears are handled exclusively by a six speed manual transmission, which utilizes rev matching technology.

Despite the lack of change in regards to power, Honda reckons that the new Type R will feature improved acceleration response. This comes from a lower final gear ratio. In addition, a new single mass flywheel cuts inertia by 25%. And Honda has done their best to eliminate torque steer with a Dual-Axis suspension setup that allows each wheel to steer closer to it’s centerline.

Braking from speed should come quickly with four piston Brembo brakes that are a full 13.8 inches up front and 12 inches in the rear. Wheels are 20 inches all around, with 245/30R 20 Continental ContiSportContact 6 tires wrapped around them.

But even though many things remain the same between the new and old Type R, some improvements have been made under the surface. A 38% increase in torsional rigidity promises to improve steering response and stability. The new Type R is 35 pounds lighter as well, weighing in at a svelte (for the segment) 3,012 pounds.

With pricing expected to fall in the mid-$30,000 range, the 2017 Honda Civic Type R will have plenty of competition. But unlike it’s rivals, who come rather barren at that price, the Type R comes standard with plenty of goodies. That includes a 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a 12-speaker sound system, supportive seats, and lots of carbon fiber.

So even though Honda made us wait too long for the Civic Type R, it seems like all will be forgiven soon.

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