2017 Honda Civic Si Wins Race With Borrowed Bumper From Street Car in Paddock

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Fortuitous paddock spotting helps Civic get back into race and win class.

Tom O’Gorman might have been getting married at this weekend’s Pirelli World Challenge races at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. He had something old (a “slightly used” 2017 Civic Si race car), something new (a brand-new Civic Si street car), something borrowed (the brand-new Civic Si’s bumper cover), and something blue (errr…also the Civic Si bumper cover). OK, so the Shea Racing driver wasn’t reciting his nuptials, but his crew was fixing his race car with parts from a car in the parking lot. And that’s probably more awesome.

After a front-end collision in the weekend’s first Touring Car race, O’Gorman’s crew straightened the body just fine. However, the collision had ruined the bumper cover. Because the car was so new, the team possessed no spares. Without many current-year Civic Si’s around, the team must have figured they were screwed. That is, until someone spotted a 2017 Honda Civic Si in the parking lot. A Honda Canada employee had brought the Si—which has only been on sale in Canada for a week—to the race.

After some negotiating, O’Gorman and Shea Racing talked their way into borrowing the street-car bumper, just for a little while. Because O’Gorman had set the fastest lap in the first race before the crash, he would start from pole in the TCA class. The bumper replacement allowed him to make the grid and to start from first place. And wouldn’t you know it? O’Gorman went out and decimated the rest of the class on the way to a TCA win.

O’Gorman’s crash, while minor, capped a horrendous run for Shea Racing. At the previous round, Jason Fichtner walked away from a massive crash with one of the TC-class Honda Accords. During qualifying this weekend, O’Gorman’s TCA teammate Sarah Montgomery emerged without serious injury from another massive, tumbling crash. Perhaps the borrowed bumper provided the good juju the Shea Racing team need to turn their luck around.

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