2017 Civic Type R Sub-$35K Sticker Price Spotted

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Honda-tech.com 2017 CTR Civic Type R price tag announced confirmed

Civic Type R’s small, but important missing detail: the price tag.

For months now, Honda has been slowly feeding us any bit of information on the upcoming 2017 Civic Type R. This is the first Honda R to come to the States, and also the first Type R model since the DC2 Integra Type R in 2001. It’s safe to say that Honda enthusiasts have been waiting a very long time for the return of the Type R and their moment is coming soon.

As of now, we know what engine is under the hood and all the other bits and bobs such as the trick suspension and race-inspired interior that will come with the car. However, there is one important detail that has yet been revealed: the price. As of today, that has changed.

Honda-tech.com 2017 CTR Civic Type R price tag announced confirmed

If true, the Civic Type R is quite the bargain hot hatch.

Earlier this morning, a photo from a post on CivicX.com surfaced revealing a window sticker on the new Civic Type R listing all of its features as well as the MSRP of $33,900. More photos on the thread show a fleet of CTRs at port arriving from the UK. If you add the $875 for destination and handling, it brings the total amount to $34,775, just a tick under the $35,000 mark.  Funnily enough, this exactly $10,000 more than the Civic Si, which starts at $23,900, with a destination charge of $875.

Honda have been promising to price the CTR around the mid-$30K range and it looks like they’re going to stick to the plan and that’s fantastic news! At $34,775, it undercuts its competitors like the Ford Focus RS by a couple of grand and the Volkswagen Golf R by around $5,000. Yes, the others may have all-wheel drive, but I think the recent record-breaking lap time the CTR put down can speak for itself.

Side Note: Notice how the the window sticker shows that this particular CTR is a Touring model? This means that the Civic Type R will have more than one trim level which is also another detail that hasn’t been confirmed until today.

So there it is folks! This is the closest thing to the official pricing of the Civic Type R until Honda releases the actual numbers. For now, it’s great news and hopefully we’ll find out more details as we get closer to the launch date. We’re almost there, the Type R is almost here!

What do you all think about this possible sub-$35K price tag? Let us know on the forum!

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