AWD EG Civic with 1,300 HP Returns to the Strip, Runs 7s

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K24 turbo AWD EG Civic or B18 turbo FWD EK Civic: which would you rather have?

This video, which comes from the That Racing Channel on YouTube has us captivated. One, it’s really well-shot, with excellent visuals and crisp audio. Oh, and, two, there are two wicked Honda drag builds showcased here, absolutely getting down at the Orlando Speed World drag strip.

After watching this carbon fiber-bodied EG blast down the strip, the beat drops. [email protected] MPH. That’s serious. So, TRC heads over to the pits to see what this racer has going on under the hood. That’s where Eulises Tavarez of KKT Racing steps. Tavarez is one member of the family-run racing shop, and they do one thing well: build fast Hondas.

Tavarez has nothing to hide. He says right up front that his EG Civic is packing a K24 engine, and an all-wheel drive conversion, using factory Civic Wagovan parts. That K24 has been destroked to 2.2-liters, and is force-fed 40 PSI of boost from a Precision 76/85 turbo. That monster motor is mated to a PPG dogbox transmission, with an H-pattern. Props for that. Of his setup Tavarez says “It made 1,100 at exactly 40 pounds [of boost]. Now, we’re at 51-52 pounds, should be around 1,300-something.” Well, an AWD EG hatch with 1,300 wheel horsepower. That certainly explains the second second passes and monster trap speeds.


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Of course, gridded up next to Tavarez is Tavarez’ brother, Chris. This Tavarez brother has equally nutty EK Civic. In his own words, the second Tavarez brother states his EK is a 2000 model year with a GSR (B18) engine built by his dad, Wilson Tavarez. That slightly smaller displacement engine is force-fed boost by a slightly smaller 72/85 Precision turbo. It also has a PPG dog box transmission, though it is front-wheel drive. After “doing the math,” Tavarez says his setup is also good for about 1,300 wheel horsepower as it sits, today. He also states that his personal best is a 8.18, but he’s been stuck around 8.30 all day. Must be rough when you’re only knocking out low eight second passes.

Don’t pity the second Tavarez brother too much. Despite “only” running 8.30 passes, he also managed to do them all day. He consecutively ran half a dozen 8.3x passes down the strip. If he enters bracket racing, he’s going to hurt some serious feelings with that EK Civic.

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