1,300+ Horsepower AWD Big Turbo Civic Eats Everything at the Drag Strip

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This wild Civic is not messing around when it comes to killer drag passes. 

Any car that can knock out a 1.67 second 60-foot is impressive, but when it comes from a Civic, you know it’s downright serious. It has a 1,300 horsepower engine that makes its power from a huge turbocharger. It send the power to all four wheels with four big meaty Mickey Thompson drag slicks. As you can imagine, this thing shoots up out of the hole with a fury. You’d hardly have noticed this car left the start line before it’s already crossed the finish at the end of the quarter mile. It’s damn quick is what we are saying. Not only does this car take the fight to domestic muscle, it’s quick enough to dominate any street car in the world, including all of the big-power exotics. This car, as featured on That Racing Channel on YouTube, is absolutely the quickest Honda we’ve ever seen.

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While the video glosses over most of the specs, and some of them are inaudible thanks to broken voice recording equipment (it happens, we’ve all been there), we’re intensely interested in the car’s AWD system. The owner of the car mentions that the rear end is all-Honda, from the axles to the “pumpkin.” We’d guess that there are some CRV components involved, but it’s interesting that they can hold up to the rigors of 1,300 horsepower and drag slicks. That’s a lot of power to put down to the ground, and it seems like more than a few axles would snap with a launch as manic as this one has.

We’re just now hearing about this car, but we’re already pretty big fans. What is your take on this wild Civic? Would you want to take it for a ride down the strip? Do you think your car could take it? Weigh in with your opinion on the forums.

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