1,100 Horsepower, All-Wheel Drive Civic Hatch is Awe-Inspiring

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Wicked fast Civic hatchback beats down a big turbo MKIV Supra.

The video above comes to us from That Racing Channel on YouTube and it features one of the nastiest Honda Civic hatchbacks we have seen. The turbocharged engine makes more than 1,100 horsepower and thanks to a high performance all-wheel drive system, this compact can make good use of all of that power. It’s running the quarter mile in just over the seven-second range.

The Walk-around

The video begins with a look at this wicked all-wheel drive Civic from all angles. As a scantily-clad model poses for the cameras, we get a look at the engine bay, the interior and the various parts of the exterior.It’s clear that this is a serious drag racing machine.

1,100hp Civic with a Model

During the introduction to the turbocharged Civic, we also get a look at a Toyota Supra MKIV and while that doesn’t make much sense at first, the “main event” of this video has these two Japanese powerhouses going head-to-head.

AWD Civic in Action

The first track footage shows the Civic making a pass and at that point, we learn that the secret of this race car is a Precision Turbo 7685. The details also explain that this Honda has 10-to-1 compression, Drag Cartel camshafts and an Action Clutch triple disc clutch setup. The engine was built by owner Daniel Rodriguez and tuned by Francisco Batista, and while some 1,100-horsepower Civics only shine on the dyno – this car is an absolute beast on the track.

1,100hp Civic Launch

On the first run, the car lays down an 8.25 and on the second run, it runs a losing 8.40 to a Mustang that runs a 7.98. We get a look at that race against the Ford from a variety of angles and it is nothing short of incredible how this all-wheel-drive Civic gets down the track.

Civic Runs 8.25

We also get to ride along as this hot turbocharged hatch runs its best time ever – an 8.0 at 181 miles per hour.

The Main Event

Civic Races Supra

After we watch the 1,100-horsepower Civic make those warm-up runs, it lines up with the silver Toyota Supra. The Supra gets out first with a better reaction time, but the wicked little Honda hatchback lays down the better numbers – running an 8.50 at 167 miles per hour to the Supra’s 8.68 at 164 miles per hour.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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