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Default Re: April Fools Day Suicide

Originally Posted by Dogginator View Post
That is the dedication of a PhD student. That is both cruelly humorous and cruelly serious. It seems like a waste. His publication record looked good. Who knows what he had going on in his life.
Apparently his girlfriend just broke up with him. I feel bad for her since she's going to live the rest of her life thinking it was her fault.

I didn't actually see it happen nor did I go try and gawk when I heard it did but it's a legitimate story.

UIUC is a tough school. I'm here to get my M.S.M.E. and then get a job and while it's not that bad for me, I do see a ton of other engineering students who are always close to the breaking point so it's not that unbelievable that someone finally snapped.
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