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Wiring LED Rear Backup and Fog Lights

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Old 01-06-2010, 04:11 PM   #1
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Default Wiring LED Rear Backup and Fog Lights

Hey guys, I've been wanting to wire up a rear foglight and backup light using LEDs for a while, but I can't find any writeups or anything on how I'd go about doing so. Here are pics of what I want to do:

rear back-up:

rear fog only:

rear fog with tail lights:

Does anyone have any idea as to what I'll need to do this (relays, type of LED etc...) and also any idea as to how I'd wire everything up (diagram or schematic if possible).

Now before anyone starts complaining about the rear fog no I'm not going to always have it on while driving to be m4d jDm tyte. We get really bad snow storms and fog here and a lot of times it's hard to see the cars in front of you before it's too late. My car is especially harder to see since its VSM. I know a rear fog would come in handy during bad weather conditions.

As for the back up light, I live in the woods, and with the way my driveway is set up, it's very wide but the entrance is very narrow, and there's a little river/trench running around it. At night everything is pitch black so backing up out of the driveway is a major pain sometimes. There have been several occasions where I'd almost back up into the trench, the big rock that marks where the entrance is or a tree because of this. I rely on my brake lights to kind of light up the way so I can see where I'm going, but I would think a backup light like the one I posted would make things much easier.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks for looking.
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Default Re: Wiring LED Rear Backup and Fog Lights

If you really need to have more lighting for backing up, consider simply adding an external reverse light. Several companies make these.

Or just stuff one of those 50W halogen backup bulbs back there. I replaced one of my 27W 1156 bulbs with one, and haven't burned the wires or housing yet (thankfully).

For the rear fog, you'll simply wire the relay into a switch that only gets power when the front fogs are powered. This way it will operate like an OEM rear fog light, able to be turned on and off, but only when the front fogs are lit.
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Default Re: Wiring LED Rear Backup and Fog Lights

I don't want to add any extra lights to the exterior of my car so an external back up light isn't really an option for me. I want to utilize the rear back up light section of my tail lights.

As for the rear fog, I want to run it separate off of my front fog lights. Really my main question for this is what kind of LED bulb should I buy that's bright enough and how would I wire up the relay and where should I place it (near the 12v power source I'm splicing into or near the bulb etc...)

Any advice/suggestions? Thanks.
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Old 02-25-2011, 01:46 PM   #4
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Default Re: Wiring LED Rear Backup and Fog Lights

I suggest keeping your backup lights in there location and consider using one of your inner tail lights for the rear fog just as they do in europe. I did a test with one where i basically ran a wires back to the inner tail light and i had a fog switch up front. and it worked fine. I never did button it up as it eventually came loose and started shorting out my tail lights. I would suggest making its own system with a Car foglight relay and harness. be sure that every connection is soldered and heat shrunk due to moisture. You will need to disconnect the break light wire on both sides that way your outers will be the brake and the inners will be tail and drivers side will be fog. i plan to do the same when i figure out my idle surge problem
as for LED lights i would go with a multi directional LED bulb that way it will reflect on the reflector housing surface instead of just straight out the back.http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Red-1...#ht_4348wt_941 such as that one. but that style .. Be sure that the number is correct on your brake light bulb. When hooking up the rear fog use the old bulb plug but hook the switch to the brake portion of the wire that way when its switched on the brighter function of the bulb is the part that is on vs the tail light mode
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Default Re: Wiring LED Rear Backup and Fog Lights

if you look close enough, youll see the led panel in the tails.
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Default Re: Wiring LED Rear Backup and Fog Lights

If you look at the date of the original post, you'd see that this thread is over a year old.
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