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EG K20RSwap costs? vs a H2b swap.

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Post EG K20RSwap costs? vs a H2b swap.

Im have this hatch EG for a long time now. been searching for motors now I have a full time job. its my side ride EG hatchback. What kinda makes me mad is I don't really know what to go with. right now I am boosting a single cam minime with turbo not even tuned yet. semi built got to brake it in and I am still not satisfied for my Honda. the motor I built blew up before like twice and I am sick of this thing happening. I want an all motor crank start ready to run as is. that will be very reliable for track and sometimes just for daily. ive been thinking a H2b setup also for a long time everyone says k killer etc. seems hella cheaper than doin a slow *** b16 swap from h motors etc but still expensive. a lot of guys might tell me go K series. but is it worthit? rialiabllity. or h2b I just don't want things to brake like axles and who knows? riability.
my first motor swap I wanted a straight up jdm b18c1 or a b18c5 type r eg easy swap like I heard.

but since motors now seems really close to a k20R series motor seems like a logical choice but is this swap hard? I just want all motor now and not going turbo just want a very fun long lasting car to drive. I love my EG hatch and idk if I will sell it I have ups and downs but now it just needs a dam motor.

as for a complete swap seems not too bad like 4800? for complete k20R? etc.
but what else would I have to need to buy to get this motor running perfectly in my EG as for as wiring and other parts
h2b or Kseries?
im tired of driving a slow *** civic.?
how much complete total would I net if I will do a k20R swap?
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