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Default tie rod ends

My 98 crv inner tie rod end boots on both sides are completely torn and hanging there and look quite old. What are the symptoms I should be having. Right now my car goes left and sometimes right on the higway. There is a slight wobble/vibration during driving especially at highway speeds and braking. Car is not as smooth on the road as before. Before I used to effortlessly gain speed. Now it feels heavier.
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Default Re: tie rod ends


There are many symptoms of bad tie rod ends. Here are some of the most prominent symptoms:

Excessive slack- When tie rod ends go bad, they normally start to loosen and develop excessive slack, or play. This results in tie rod ends that fail to sufficiently anchor the rest of the tie rod assemblies, which results in a critical weak spot in a vehicle's front suspension system.

Misalignment- Bad tie rod ends can negatively impact a vehicle's front end alignment, causing a vehicle to pull to one side during vehicle operation. This sounds like what is occurring with your CR-V.

Uneven tire wear- Bad tie rod ends can cause uneven tire wear and/or excessive tire wear if they change the alignment of a vehicle's front tires too much.

Tire sagging- Bad tie rod ends cannot sufficiently stabilize and keep a car's tires under proper tension; therefore, tire sagging can result.

Difficulties with aligning front tires- This one is pretty self explanatory. Bad tie rod ends can make aligning the front tires to factory specs a painful process.

Judging from all of the symptoms that you have described it sounds like there is a distinct possibility that the tie rod ends on your CR-V are bad. Verify this with a trained mechanic before replacing the parts. Should you face tie rod end replacement, the OEM part numbers are as follows: 53540-S04-013 (right) and 53560-S04-013 (left).

Hope everything pans out for you buddy
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Default Re: tie rod ends

^^damn u covered everything lol.

def. replace them, while ur at it replace all the bushings. it will feel like a brand new ride.
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Default Re: tie rod ends

My 2004 E tie-rods would not budge when I was changing the strut /spring assembly. Ensure you get (rent or buy) a tie-end rod extractor to remove them. I was unable to remove them via the sledge hammer/WD-40 route. If your tie-end boots are cracked and/or leaking grease, and/or the bolt with cotter pin appear bent... replace them.
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