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how to replace a flywheel

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Icon6 how to replace a flywheel

I got a 95 civic with a b16a with a ls tranny and i need to replace the flywheel in it bc the one i have in it is aluminum and it wont catch anymore bc the weld came off of the aluminum ring around it so my starter wont catch. I have a ls factory flywheel to replace it until i can get a good flywheel but i need to know how to do it as far as putting the clutch and all that back together. i no how to take it off and everything thats the only part im not sure about. anyone know the right way to do it?
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Default Re: how to replace a flywheel

Haynes manual is your best friend. Torque specs are key.
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Default Re: how to replace a flywheel

if i remeber correctly there should be 6 or more 14mm bolts holding the fly wheel, once u take those out , you should be able to pull it off ..and when you put it back on it only fits one way
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Default Re: how to replace a flywheel

If you have the skills to get everything apart and get the transmission separated from the engine, then changing the flywheel is going to be self-explanatory when you get that far.

Make sure you have a clutch alignment tool though, or you'll be hating life. You'll also need 12pt sockets for the flywheel bolts, and a torque wrench to make sure you don't overtorque them. Technically, I think the manual says to replace the flywheel bolts if you remove them, because it's very easy to round off 12pt bolts.
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Default Re: how to replace a flywheel

Your will have to
Disconnect the battery terminals
remove power and ground from starter
drain radiator coolant out
drain tanny oil out
remove both axles
remove distributor (for space)
remove heater hose, lower radiator hose and upper hose too
remove radiator (space again)
remove shift linkage and the pin itself
remove sensors that are in the area of the tranny (speed sensor, temp switch sensor, oil pressure, primary o2 sensor and tranny sensor and tranny ground)
remove starter (optional not recommended)
remove clutch slave cylinder
put a jack w/ board under the tranny
remove rear motor mount bolts that connects the tranny and upper tranny mounts
remove the tranny bolts (i think there are 8 bolts total on the tranny 6 on top and 2 on bottm)
remove tranny w/ a crobar
remove clutch pressure plate (6 bolts)
remove clutch
remove flywheel (8 bolts)

To put it back on your'll
need locktie or lockthread (so that the flywheel bolts won't come off over the long period of time)
put it on the bolts for the flywheel and pressure plate
Need a torque wrench
Torque flywheel bolts around 100-110 lbs
torque pressure plate around 18-22 lbs
Do reverse order from there
It'll take at least 3-9 hours if your're a rookie
1-3 hours if veteran

I recently changed my friend's 96 civic manual tranny out and put new clutch, flywheel,
pressure plate and new tranny itself
Very easy only hard part for me was the shift linkage pin (didn't have the right tools for it)
Took me 3 hrs
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