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Announcements in Forum : Honda Civic / Del Sol (1992 - 2000)
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Sad Departure - RonJ - Saving threads/posts - Edited

I would like to take a moment and thank RonJ for his many years of service and all of his contributions to H-T.

RonJ has decided to leave us here at H-T. You may have noticed his user name has changed and is no longer RonJ. This was done by his request.

I would like to ask your assistance. RonJ has provided a great amount of information over the years. In that information is a lot of informative pictures to support the posts. Many of those pictures are hosted on a photobucket account. We honestly cannot expect RonJ to keep that account open for us indefinitely.

What I would like help with is pointing out RonJ posts that have pictures in them to support the information being provided. I can then take a look to see where the source of the picture is and if needed convert it to an attached picture to the post instead of a remotely hosted picture.

Please PM me with any RonJ posts that have picture(s) that you think should be saved.

Thank you and I appreciate all your help in the matter.
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